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We specialize in a wide variety of commercial roofing systems in Los Angeles CA and the surrounding areas. Call 626-691-5950.

Stone Roofing Co. Inc has the expertise to build a commercial roofing system for any type of building including sloped or flat, new or old, large or small – we do it all. We use only the best materials at the most competitive prices to ensure your complete satisfaction. We will work with you to determine which products will work best for your building and your budget.

Our experienced and highly trained team is committed to providing the highest quality services. It’s not just about getting the job completed on time; it’s about making the entire process from start to finish smooth and easy for you.

Roofing SystemsSingle Ply

Single Ply

Single ply roofing is a roofing system consisting of one layer of material. Stone Roofing Co. Inc installs many different single ply roofing systems including TPO, PVC, TPA, PIB, EPDM, and Hypalon. Your project manager will work with you to determine which product works best for you based on your project parameters.Polyurethane

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane Foam provides many benefits including waterproofing/leak prevention, insulation value, superior compressive strength, lightweight, self-flashing and it is durable and long lasting. Contact us for more information.

Built-UpBuilt Up

Built-Up Roofing is one of the oldest and most reliable ways of installing a new roof. It consists of multiple piles of roof felts laminated together with bitumen. Built-up roofing systems offer a number of advantages including cost effectiveness, a white granular look, and is relatively maintenance free.

Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen roofing systems create watertight barriers that perform for many years at a time due to the multiple layers. When built-up, these layers of bitumen exhibit exceptional resistance to the conductivity of heat between the exterior and interior of the building. This generates a noticeable reduction in heating and cooling costs. Contact us for more information.

Roof Coatings
Roof Coating

Stone Roofing Co. Inc also provides a wide variety of roof coatings. Cold-applied roof coatings are generally economical, tested and proven to have a long performance life, versatile, and easy to use. When applied in a roofing system, they not only protect and reinforce the integrity of the roof but also seal and conserve the roof.

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